deleted scene - 10x04

OMG they shouldn’t have deleted this!!! IT shows how horrible she felt about saying Arizona was dead!!! Wow..I love this. Wish it wasn’t cut. 


A: You just look upset and I thought that you should know that the talk is good, and when you’re not upset, when you’re over being upset, there will be people lining up for you.

C: You wanna give me some names?

"I wanted you to understand that I run my Peds unit a little differently than you may be used to." 

Rizzles + Text posts.


Alex Karev Appreciation Week

↳ Day 2: favourite relationship(s)/friendship(s)

"Pretty impressive for a resident. You fix that attitude of yours, you could be the future of this hospital. The one to watch. You go , Karev!"

friendships we miss 

↳ addison and callie
get to know me meme [5/5] favorite relationships - Callie/Arizona
 ↳ Whatever you can’t do, I will.  I’m here and that’s how this works, okay?

When we saw the photo of Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw.

Arizona Robbins Season 10 ~Super Magic Smile